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Youth Language Experience

Servas Youth Language Experience (SYLE) is a program designed for young Servas members to improve second language skills through a Servas cultural exchange during one month in a foreign country.

This experience includes language classes (formal or informal) and other activities – cultural, recreational, sportive, touristic, etc — in an environment of fraternal daily life that ensures a rich experience of language learning and cultural exchange between the young traveller and the Servas Hosts.

Based on this intent, the host country will plan an agenda, indicating dates and locations of: the Servas Host Families, the activities and their points of contact, as well as allocated spare time for the traveller.

To apply for SYLE send an email to info@rwandaservas.org


  • To improve foreign language skills
  • To provide a rich cultural exchange experience to the traveller and to the Servas Hosts.


  • Young Traveller
  • Youth Contact and National Secretary of both the Local and the Host Country of the traveller.
  • Convenors team in the Host Country.
  • Servas Hosts, including day hosts.
  • Non-Servas family members and friends.
  • International Servas Youth team.


  1. Application: Applicant for traveller and applicant for organizing team must communicate interest in participating in the SYLE to the Youth Contact / National Secretary of their countries.
  2. Enrollment: Applicant must complete an application form and Letter of Agreement and send both to the Youth Contact / NS who will arrange an interview.
  3. Initiating SYLE: Once an application is approved, the Servas Letter of Introduction (LOI) is sent. Communication between the traveller and the organizing team of the host country begins, in order to create a program customized to the expectations and interests of both parties.
  4. SYLE’s development: A four week stay in the host country will follow, based on the accepted Agenda. During this time, it is important to keep communication open among all participants of the SYLE experience and to be flexible if changes are needed.
  5. SYLE’s Conclusion: Once the SYLE experience has ended, both participants must send an evaluation report to the Youth Contacts or NS in their respective countries. The traveller must advise the YC/NS of his return home and must arrange to make a presentation about his SYLE experience to his National Group.

Young Traveller’s Profile

  • Between 18 and 35 years old.
  • Member of Servas
  • Necessary skills to communicate in the host country’s language
  • Empathetic, open-minded attitude toward different cultural experiences
  • Willingness and ability to interact constantly with a large number of people during an extended stay

Host Country’s  Profile

  • Interest in being involved in Servas Youth
  • Responsibility to:
    • Coordinate and confirm the stay of the traveller with all hosts.
    • Organize and guarantee the development of the activities proposed in the SYLE Agenda.
    • Keep continuous communication with all SYLE participants (hosts, traveller, language facilitators, activities organizers, etc.
  • Dynamism, patience, commitment, capacity and ability to communicate with all SYLE participants (via e-mail or phone).


  • Possession of a valid Servas Letter of Introduction
  • Ability to afford all financial aspects of travelling, paperwork, visas, transportation and personal expenses
  • SYLE commitment Letter of Agreement.
  • Travel insurance.


The traveller must be able to afford all travelling expenses, visas, transportation and personal expenses. The cost of all activities proposed in his/her program must be discussed and agreed upon by the traveller and the host country’s team prior to travel.