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Making Connections

The Making Connections is a program whose aim is to connect interested Servas travellers with host families who can offer opportunities for an extended stay or more in-depth visit to Rwanda.

If you are a member of Servas in your country and wish to travel to Rwanda and be hosted by Servas Rwanda host, the following are opportunities given by Rwandan hosts for an extended stay of 6 days.

  • A study tour and observation visit for one day to Benimpuwe, a Women’s Association operating in the Eastern Province of Rwanda and Hope Assistance Foundation a local NGO which is running a primary school in Kayonza district, Ndego sector in the eastern part of Rwanda.
  • Exchanging ideas between hosts and traveller who share an interest, skill or profession: Servas Rwanda Business men and women would like to host travellers with expertise in entrepreneurship.
  • Volunteering: If you are a Servas traveler with an expertise in public speaking trainings for professionals and individual coaching for leaders without group training, Servas Rwanda would need your expertise to coach its members who need that capacity building.


If you are interested with the above opportunities, please contact the Rwanda National Secretary at info@rwandaservas.org