Welcome to Servas Rwanda

Hosting to share

Hosting is a great way to travel the world without leaving your home. Whether your goal is to make friends, expose your children to different cultures, learn a language, or contribute to the peace movement, Servas Rwanda can add a wonderful new dimension to your life.

As a Servas host, you’ll be part of a network of more than 15,000 families and individuals spread over 135 countries on six continents. Mirroring Servas travelers, Servas hosts cover the whole spectrum of diversity. They live in urban, suburban, small town and rural communities. They are multigenerational and one-parent families, bankers and brick layers, retirees and people of all ages.

Hosts are united by their desire to help build world peace by providing opportunities for goodwill visits—usually 3 days and 2 nights—between peoples of diverse cultures and backgrounds from around the globe. During these visits hosts share with travelers their daily lives, their concerns about social and economic issues, and their commitment to promoting peace through friendship and cultural exchange.

 Metasabia Rigby a traveller from USA (left) and Lilian Cyakwera a host from Servas Rwanda (right)

Hosts create their own host listing including information about how many people they can host, how much prior notice a traveler should give, other household members, interests and hobbies, languages spoken and a personal quote. Host listings help the traveler pick the hosts s/he feels can best enlarge her/his understanding.

The experience does not end when the visit is over. The good times shared, insights gained, and differences explored will continue to enrich both the host and traveler!

Length of Visits

Servas hosts offer simple accommodations to approved Servas travelers for visits usually lasting three days and two nights, allowing host and traveler time to begin a genuine exchange. Visits can be extended beyond the two night minimum at the invitation of the host. Visits can also be just for an afternoon for those hosts that cannot accommodate longer stays. The host’s first contact with a prospective visitor will generally be a letter, E-mail, phone call from the traveler(s) telling about her/himself and inquiring about a visit. Hosts should reply to all traveler correspondence indicating whether or not they are available to host. Hosts are not obligated to accept a traveler but should welcome Servas visitors when they have the time, energy and interest to receive guests.

As a Servas host, the world comes to you! By opening your doors you are creating a greater global community and learning more about the diverse cultures and peoples of the world. There is more than one way to be a Servas host. As an Overnight Host you will offer simple accommodations for visits usually lasting 3 days and 2 nights, where you can share your daily life, ideas and perspectives with Servas travelers from around the world. If you are not able to host for that length of time, you might want to consider becoming a Day Host. As a Day Host, you will welcome travelers for a few hours in your home or perhaps meet at a bar or café. Peace and social justice organizations may also serve as Day Hosts as part of our special Peace Links program, welcoming travelers for an afternoon of volunteer work.


All Servas members must demonstrate an understanding of Servas protocols and show a commitment to upholding them. The following guidelines, combined with goodwill and a warm and friendly attitude will help promote Servas and ensure successful visits.

Agree to accept Servas members regardless of age, race, creed, nationality, or sexual orientation.

Spend as much time as convenient with your traveler. Share ideas about your life, community and interests.

Provide three days’ and two nights’ accommodation (overnight hosts); meet with travelers during the day (Day Hosts).

Promptly answer letters, E-mails and phone messages from travelers. Accept no money from travelers except as reimbursement for direct expenses, such as for telephone calls made.

Notify Servas Rwanda about any changes of address or phone number and report any problems, should one arise.

To become a Servas Host or a Servas Day Host, please e-mail us at info@rwandaservas.org