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Servas Rwanda Meeting

09 Apr

Servas Rwanda Meeting


  1. Good day Rwanda, how can I do to be part of this meeting? am a young Cameroonian and wish to visit your country

  2. We are glad to go through ur program and actions ,We will be please to participate in any of your actions.Thw world we be a better place collectively as we strive.

    Sarah Hills
    Delegate Tomorrow Cameroon Association.

  3. Hello,
    As I was among the youth that attended the meeting, I personally had quite an experience and I think I was able to make net-works as well as connect with people. so I would like to invite my fellow youth world wide to come and join SERVAS as I know its is going to be a positive impact to our future as well as build a good society.

    lets just meet, connect, bond and come up with good ideas and bring peace to the world, and SAVARS is our backbone to get to that.

  4. I would like to share a personal experience, so during my time when I was visiting my relatives whom happen to be SERVAS members, they were hosting a family from Malawi and my time there I did spent some quite fun time with them to which I took as a good experience for me because I did learn a lot from them and my opinion is that this is something really good because people need to know what is out side their countries, what kind of people are there and what they do which is good because that’s also one of the resource to develop our own countries as well.
    As a young youth I would like to encourage more young people and as well as adults to join SERVAS because this is the future for every one.


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